Fiat Imports is the exclusive importer of a full line of statues made by a family of artists in South America. We have been in business for 20 years. We also offer Jewelry, Art and other Church Goods. We currently supply many of the largest Church Goods Dealers and most prominent gift stores across the country.

Our statues are hand-made, primarily out of durable polymer resin. They are each hand-painted to order using the highest quality paints and uniquely colorful and vibrant indigenous pigments. Many statues are trimmed with jeweled crowns, pearlized paints and 14kt gold filled trim.

Beautiful Faces

Our artists take extreme care with the look of the faces, as our cutomers feel this is the most important feature of any statue. We have found that customers would rather spend a little more money for a statue with a beauiful face. All of our larger stautes have crystal eyes to further enhance their beauty. Mother Angelica has said that ours are the most beautiful statues she has ever seen, and she personally has several of our statues in her room.

Fiat Imports is a supplier of fine religious articles, including: • Statues • Jewelry • Art • Church Goods | (828) 490-1901 | 82 Southside Village Drive | Asheville, NC 28803